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What Merchants are Saying About


What a great way to
keep in touch and in
tune with our customers. is
a path to keep in contact
and connect with our
shoppers. It's timely,
we can change our
offers on the fly, and
the results are strong.

- Brad Brabec
Elevation Salon
Barrington, Illinois

When I first looked into
LinkedOffers there was
some apprehension
about turning over our
customer database. We
have been pleasantly
surprised and pleased
with the care and attention
our business receives.
Our customers bring in
the offers, the service
is a winner.

- Ed Andrychowski
Great American Exteriors
Elmhurst, Illinois

The web site is
streamlined, easy to
explore and helps
introduce my business
to new customers.
Say no more!


- Bob Moon
once in a blue moon
Barrington, Illinois


We operate a restaurant
and using coupons is an
important part of how we
attract and keep customers. has
become an easy
alternative to deliver
our coupons and even
announce weekly and
even daily specials.
It's efficient and cost
effective. We see the
results, customers with
coupons, it's good
for business.

- Vito Balice
Aurelio's Pizza
Addison, Illinois

Over the last couple of
years we've noticed
that our newspaper
and print advertising
was becoming less effective.
Every where you turn
you hear and see more
about how the Internet
is the future... well we're
glad to have discovered - It's
becoming one of the
ways we're participating
in the changing landscape
of advertising.

- Mike Fahey
Fahey and Son Paving
Melrose Park, Illinois


Who would have figured -
customers sign up with
their email address,
we send them offers and
deals with the result,
happy customers coming
into our store. makes
us look good. We've
lowered the cost to keep
in touch with our customers
and saved a few trees to boot.

- Bob Naughtrip
Soccer Plus
Palatine, Illinois


What Consumers are Saying About


You want to know what
I have always looked
forward to receiving
coupons in the mail -
Now they come in email
or on your great web site.
The best part, I continue
to find tremendous
savings PLUS think of
all the trees which are
being saved! Now
that's progress!
Keep up the good work -

- Karen A.
Elmhurst, Illinois
What a great idea to
have coupons for community
stores, restaurants and
services on line. It a great
way for us consumers to
receive discounts and businesses
to advertise.

Keep up the good work,
your service helps us support
our local businesses.

- Tom P.
Barrington, Illinois

What a great web
service - Very very nice -
I like the simplicity and
clean look. I like the
way you have standardized
each advertiser. I
particularly like the
map and contact info
portion. Keep the offers
coming - this is email
I want to receive.

- Jim S.
Addison, Illinois


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